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Destiny 2 is a proven hit, and every popular Game gets a sequel. Everyone knows there will be a Destiny 2, but we don’t exactly know how the bones of the original sci-fantasy FPS will translate. There hasn’t even been an official announcement, but that doesn’t stop rampant speculation or the ever-churning rumor-mill to release tidbits of tantalizing information on Bungie’s next big project. To help make sense of the chaos, Gameranx is here to provide all the details you’ll need to understand what exactly is going on with Destiny 2.

Release date: 8 September 2017
Available to pre-order from GAME.
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

destiny 2


Everything We Know (And Some Things We Don’t)

[Updated 9/30: Check back often to find any news, rumors, or confirmed info available before the full Destiny 2 release.]

Destiny 2 is still (mostly) a mystery. It has not been officially announced, but leaks, documents, and other rumors have been swirling about what features might and might not make the cut.

Here you’ll find everything we know about Destiny 2, along with some rampant speculation about what we don’t.

What Platforms Will Destiny 2 Release On?

Destiny 2 is planned to release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

We can assume Destiny 2 will be compatible (and greatly improved) and the PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio, but will also release, and function totally normally, on the other, less powerful versions of both consoles. PS4 Original / Slim and Xbox One Original / Slim should have no problem running Destiny 2.

This has not yet been confirmed, and plans may change in the coming months, but for now it appears that Destiny 2 will not let you keep your Guardian and continue their adventure from one game to the next. That means you’ll have to start Destiny 2 from scratch with a new character.

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destiny 2


Will Old Content Appear in Destiny 2?

As mentioned above, the same source claims that the dev team for Destiny 2 plans to provide more content at a faster rate. Essentially, we may see old locations and activities return, updated to take advantage of the new features in Destiny 2.

Rumors also suggest that more content may be coming to Destiny 1 even after Destiny 2 releases. Some content might be removed, then added later — the source even suggests that in-game events will control what content returns, or if it returns, if players fight and win to recapture old zones. How this works isn’t explained, but it sure sounds cool.

Will Raids Make A Return in Destiny 2?

Many changes are coming to Destiny 2, but raids are back. Not only are raids back, but raids will get match-making so joining a team will be that much easier.

What Is The Story of Destiny 2? Who Will We Fight? Where Will We Go?

The plot hasn’t been revealed, but rumors point to some important changes, enemies, and areas Guardians will get to explore in Destiny 2.

Saturn will feature prominently as a massive playspace — larger than all the explorable areas of the planets in Destiny 1 combined.·

The Cabal is set to be a major enemy group, with new minor factions fleshed-out in the story.·

The Sions in particular will be expanded on.·

What New Character Options Will We See in Destiny 2?

New races and factions are planned for Guardians. No word on new classes – we might see the return of the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock, but with new skills or sub-classes to change the way you’ll build your Guardian.

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Destiny 2 gameplay reveal trailer: Your journey ends here
A key announcement during the live stream was about a new feature called ‘’Guided Games’’, it made to easy for all players to play on the most challenging and rewarding activities offered by the game. In this game there is new feature which allowed solo player to find and play with other players. This game density 2 offers to earn new in-game rewards like weapons, and armor. Also available for additional feture in this game for players like “countdown”, an all – new challenging multiplayer mode as well as three players are together playing on new map called, ”Inverted Spire”. In addition, the publisher has decided i.e you can download Destiny 2 from Blizzard’s Battle.net! When it comes in PC version.



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